Eternal love story- Ramandeep singh

Ramandeep singh ardent dog lover.. People like him are small in number but they make us believe that world is still a place inhabited by human beings…
True expeditor and it is amazing to see how little pooches from a land unknown and faraway turn up to him for one touch. It is astonishing how he is always surrounded by dogs wherever he goes..
He fights for humane treatment of dogs. He has initiated a sterilization drive for stray dogs which is certainly a very thoughtful step for curbing their misery to some extent.
An epitome of love and compassion saved the life of an indie puppy after a road accident but unfortunately its leg had to be amputated. It is such a delight to see how Noorie is an eternal part of his life. Absolutely a treat to watch her jump leaps with 3 legs. Nothing can beat the joy of seeing Noori snuggle him and gazing as if she thanks him for being her angel..
Despite being a student himself he spends most of disposable income for the wellbeing of stray dogs.
Incorrigible cynophile literally as he prefers to avoid any important task when it comes to feeding or rescuing a needy creature.. He is so much sincere about his babies that he deliberately prefers to be a freelancer just to be with them always.
Kudos to his noble affection 🙂


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