Dalmatian dogs

What is the basic nature of Dalmatian dogs?

A Dalmatian isn’t the dog for everyone, but he’s a suitable match for active folks. He likes people, and usually gets along with household pets. While Dalmatian may have a reputation for being hyperactive, that’s not really true. They are high energy, which is different. Give them an outlet for that energy and they’re just fine.


What are the feeding tips for Dalmatian dogs?

Dalmatians often fall victim to urinary tract disorders, resulting in painful bladder or kidney stones. to water, to ensure adequate kidney flushing. No matter how much he begs, Preventing this frequent Dal problems lies in proper feeding. Feed your dog twice a day, not once as with many other breeds. Feed a high-quality but low-protein food. High-protein foods tend to stress the kidneys. Add liquid to the meal, either milk avoid treats and table scraps. Obviously, your dog should have water available at all times.


What are care and grooming tips for Dalmatian dogs?

Your Dalmatian has short hair, but that doesn’t mean he won’t need much grooming. That spotted coat sheds like crazy, all year around. Brush him frequently to get those hairs on the brush and not on carpets, furniture and clothing.

A Dalmatian is not the dog for apartment living, unless you can take him to the park and run with him daily.