What are basic fish and aquarium care tips?

Water Changes

A key part of aquarium maintenance is the water change, which should be performed about every two weeks. In most cases, 10-15% of the tank volume is sufficient. A good method is to replace the water extracted while vacuuming the gravel, which will eliminate uneaten foods and other residues that settle on the substrate.

Filtered water should also be checked on a regular basis and should be considered part of your aquarium maintenance routine. The filter membranes could be damaged or may require replacement prior to the expiration date.


Make sure the equipment is running properly.

Watch your fish during feeding. Behavioral changes are a good indicator of a potential problem.


Count your fish. In case of fish death, smaller species can decompose quickly, resulting in ammonia and nitrite spikes, and eventually high nitrate levels.

Every Other Week

Test your water for the vital parameters: pH, carbonate hardness, nitrite and nitrate.

Change 10-15% of the water .

Vacuum the gravel .

Clean the aquarium walls. Filter floss is fairly cheap and very efficient. Start from the bottom upward and rinse out often.

Rinse filter inserts (cartridges) with the extracted water.


Replace filter inserts, cartridges, floss, carbon, and Algone.

Inspect tubing, connections, airstones, skimmers and other parts for proper operation.

Clean aquarium top to assure your lighting is not affected.

Check the expiration dates printed on the boxes and bottles of the aquarium supplies you use.


What are feeding tips for fish?

fish need vitamins and minerals throughout the year to stay healthy. When, for example, the bright colours of your fish fade and the fish become less active, it may well be that they are lacking vitamins and minerals. So you should always give your fish good-quality feed that is enriched with trace elements and extra vitamins.

You should give your fish fresh vegetables such as carrots, courgettes, cucumber and lettuce once or twice a week. Your fish will enjoy it and it is good for them. You should cut the vegetables into small pieces first and make sure the uneaten vegetables are removed