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  • Sheba Cans are prepared with extra care and attention to detail, each tempting recipe has been carefully prepared from the finest ingredients that your cat will most definitely love. Proving to be one of our most popular flavors, your cat will love this can full of Meat in Jelly. The food is gently cooked to seal in the flavors, and your cat will love this.

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  • Nothing says love like Sheba Deluxe Cat Food, containing perfect cuts of pure white tuna and snapper in succulent gravy. Your adult pet cat adores the taste of real meat and Sheba ensures your cat savours every bit of it through its range of premium cat food. This protein in gravy recipe also contains essential vitamins and minerals, so this premium palate for your cat delivers a mouth-watering feast, without compromising on the goodness. Treat your furry friend to the satisfying taste of Sheba wet cat food because believe it or not, Sheba is what your cat wants!

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