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A starter professional dog food for mother and puppy dogs
Provides high energy and Prebiotics that promote digestive health in mothers
Strengthens immunity in newborn dogs
Provides essential nutrients that help maximize growth potential
Ideal for pregnant/ lactating mothers and puppies 3-12 weeks old
Serve to puppies in a soft form, as instructed on the back of pack

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Pedigree Professional Range Starter Mother & Pup delivers premium nutrition which will ensure healthy and happy years for both the mother and the pups. As during gestation and lactation, the mother?s energy demands multiplies by 2 ? 3 times their regular nutritional needs, so Professional Range STARTER Mother & Pup is nutritionally designed as a energy dense food to meet their high energy requirements . It also ensures that your little puppy reaches their maximum genetic potential to grow and has a smooth transition from mothers milk to solid food

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