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Crunchy, munchy and delicious chunks packed with real fish/chicken flavour
Made with high-quality ingredients that provide your pet cat with the nutrition it needs
The special blend of nutrients help support the cat’s vital system
Provides adult cats with shiny coat, healthy eyesight, and energy to stay active
A balanced cat food that helps prevent obesity when fed right
Backed by research done by the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition and Mars Petcare (the makers of Pedigree)
Ideal for cat breeds from Persian Cat, British Shorthair to Siamese Cat

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Whiskas provides tailor-made nutrition with irresistible taste for every stage of your cat?s life. Whiskas Dry food is a complete and balanced cat food designed to take care of your cat?s daily nutritional requirement. It is specifically formulated with all essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy and happy life.

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